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More Secure Payment: Credit Card Pairing

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Proposal for More Secure Payment: Credit Card Pairing


This drawing is very self explanatory. The idea is using banks’ bricks-and-mortar “safety deposit box” concept — where two different keys needed at the same time to open a safety. For a long time this procedure/application seems to be quite secure (well, unless during a bank heist).

As you can see, in drawing #2 and #3 (above), a chipped “pairing card” is needed to do a matching process and unlocking the card’s info (name, numbers, CVV, etc). I did consider the using of card owner’s fingerprint or even face for the pairing/matching (e.g. Alibaba’s “pay using your smiling face” idea) but I think it might still be a long fetch thing because of customers’ privacy concern.

To make it even more secure, the “pairing card” can be PIN-protected.

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