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Classroom Safety Apparatus

It’s almost the 5th anniversary of one of the worst school shootings in America – The Sandy Hook. At this time of the year, while most of us are preparing for our joyous holiday celebrations, the families of Sandy Hook’s victims are having their moment of silence and pain, still.

Months after the tragic incident, in Spring 2013, I designed a classroom safety apparatus I called LifeMor Pod and have the idea patented (USPTO Patent Filing No.: US 61/767,119 ; Confirmation No.: 2343).

Below is the design’s description and technical illustrations which I’ve previously posted on my personal blog. I hope this idea can be considered as one of many inputs that we’re contributing toward the safety of our schools – the safety of our kids.

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As the national gun debate continues to produce uncertainty. And the tragedies of gun-related violence at schools continue to taunt every parent, including me, I then came up with a design of a small bulletproof room. This portable room can be placed in every classroom to protect students.

LifeMor Pod is a three-wall enclosed bulletproof structure with two entry doors, designed to save life in a situation of gun violent or active gun shooting – where people can take a safe refuge in it. LifeMor is a portable pod, placed inside classrooms, school cafeterias, libraries, gyms or else where; It also can be used in offices and/or public places to promote safety (eg. shopping malls, food courts, etc.). But the main purpose of LifeMor Pod is for school’s environments, that aims to protect students and/or to minimize casualties in a situation of gun violent – to avoid what recently happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.

LifeMor is a computer-controlled pod. Its structure is built using light and sturdy bullet-proof materials, with two automatic doors – only will open during an emergency lockdown. The Pods come in two types of sizes (Type A and B). Each pod can accommodate a number of students of one class (20 to 25 students along with their teacher and assistant teacher): Type A (about 5.5’ X 5.5’) for kindergarten and/or elementary classroom; Type B (about 5.5’ X 8’) for middle school and/or high school classroom.

As a portable product, LifeMor Pod will be assembled at the locations (e.g. classrooms, labs, library, etc). The finished pods will be secured to the wall and floor. It will then be wired or wirelessly connected to the main activation/control location, e.g. principal’s/ school admin’s office and/or school’s security office – which also be two-way-connected to other hot-spots throughout the school’s building(s). These hot-spots also can work as activation spots, will be placed at some key locations, such as next to the fire alarm boxes in hallways, library, cafeteria, gyms, etc. And they will be secured in tempered-proof boxes.

LifeMor Pod should be placed at the back area of every classroom and will become a semi-permanent part of the room. It will need regular maintenance and monthly testing to ensure it works properly.

The Pod will be well stocked with dried foods, drinks (water-bottled or drinking fountain), and first aid kits; It’s also equipped with a lighting censor, CCTV cameras, air ventilation (AC), computer monitor, alarm and communication systems – to monitor outside situation and to enable a constant contact with police/authorities during an emergency situation/lockdown.

I believe LifeMor Pod will be able to protect students and reduce casualties to minimum when gun violence occur in a school.

School safety is numero uno!

#SchoolSafety #SchoolShooting #GunControl #SandyHook

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Laser Net Defense System (LNDS)

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Concept Proposal: Laser Net Defense System (LNDS)

If war against North Korea is inevitable, with the defense system we have (using a missile to strike a missile) might not be effective enough since timing and accuracy is in high-stakes. Laser defense system is still under development with similar concept, using a pointy laser to strike down an incoming missile, this also needs a high precision technology to do its job.

My idea/concept, is it possible to develop a more advanced laser defense system which can deploy a “net-like formation” to stop one missile strike or more at once? This broader “net” might be able to do a better job than a pointy laser beam. Above, is a self-explanatory drawing:

  1. Satellites detect a missile strike.
  2. Airborne missile’s coordinate is shared to the defense system on naval ships and on ground bases, Laser Net Defense System then deployed to stop the incoming attack.

This is just my two cents (Note: I’m Not a weaponry/laser expert). Anyway, PEACE may still be our best defense.


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Gun Safety: Gun Jammer

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Gun Safety: Gun Jammer


It’s called “Gun Jammer” –– a wireless jammer that supposes to work like a cellphone jammer. This jammer can only work if America has one day finally passed a new gun control law that requires each and every single newly produced gun will HAVE TO have a micro-chip permanently built inside the gun’s body/structure. Thus the micro-chip will make the gun a “smart gun” –– it can recognize and only function when used by the rightful owner (through fingerprint, voice recognition, etc); Also, most importantly, the micro-chip will temporary disfunction the gun –– will stop it from firing when the gun is carried into a “gun-free zone” e.g. Schools and other critical facilities.

How does this work? Schools as required by the new law must install “jammers” thoughout their buildings and surroundings, just like the fire-alarms. The “Jammers” will be placed at the hot-spots area which their wireless signal will disfuction any guns carried inside that zone. The jammer and the micro-chip will put any gun to temporary auto-locked mode –– and will function again as it exit the “gun-free” zone.

The jammer and the micro-chipped gun will give no opportunities to any mayhem to happen in our schools.

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